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  • 38 Min
Capitalizing on Cash Down: Maximizing Sales & Satisfaction

Discover key insights on using cash down to increase your sales volume, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Learn to turn every deal into a long-term client relationship.

  • Effective down payment strategies to close more deals
  • Techniques to build customer trust and satisfaction
  • Real-world applications to increase profitability
  • 38 Min
Retain Your Gross with the Power of Real Trade Value: Discover What It Is & Make It Work For You

Handle common Trade Objections and secure profitable deals by reminding your buyer how much they’re already getting when they agree to your first pencil.

  • Master negotiation when buyers push back on trade
  • Increase your first pencil closes
  • Enhance customer (and consultant!) confidence
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These short, impactful courses cover two key aspects of closing car deals that focus on keeping your gross intact while providing your customers with an efficient, comfortable experience. Sales consultants will learn new ways to negotiate so they close on the first pencil more often..

Dealership sales consultants, sales managers, finance managers, and general managers looking to improve their sales strategies, sell more cars, increase gross profit, and do it in a comfortable, engaging way that customers love!

Each course is designed to be concise yet comprehensive, lasting about 40 minutes to ensure it fits into your busy schedule.

All of the courses on the Dealership Playbook include companion workbook pages that go with each lesson. We give you tools to print out, study, and engage your team.

No prerequisites needed—just a drive to improve your sales and negotiation skills!

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